TWS Consulting Services

TWS offers a variety of consulting services as needed to assist our clients in achieving optimal success with their wildlife operation. The consulting services offered are an Initial Consultation, Basic Plan, Intermediate Plan and an Executive Business Plan. These various levels of service are offered because one plan will not fit each client and his/her specific needs and demands.

TWS consulting services may include:

* Feasibility Study - Analysis of property/operation, improvement suggestions and direction.
* Property Layouts - Development of efficient land-use designs, including fencing and facilities.
* Animal Stocking - Determination of species and stocking rates best suited for client's operation.
* Handling Equipment - State-of-the-art deer panels & cradles.
* Wildlife Working Assistance - Contract assistance to work client's animals.
* Grazing/Stocking Management - Specific stocking/grazing plan for client's operation.

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is a face-to-face meeting to review the client's operation, discuss and perform as time allows, all applicable options and services. The charge for the initial consultation is $1.00/mile from the TWS office to the clients site plus $50/hour up to a one-day maximum of $400.

Basic Plan - $300

(All consulting plans require a copy of property map and completed TWS Q&A form)

* Analysis of client's current operation
* Discussion of client's goals
* Includes a working budget and operation ideas/assumptions
* TWS will update the plan at client's request for $75 per session

Intermediate Plan - $1,000 plus travel expenses

* One-day face-to-face meeting with client
* Historical analysis, including a copy of property map
* Discussion and determination of client's goals for operation
* Layout of assumptions ( both financial & operational ) for current year and two years projected
* Discussion of action/management plan
* Discussion of calendar of operations
* Bi-annual phone follow-up

Executive Business Plan - $3,500 and up

Includes everything in the Intermediate plan plus:

* Detailed historical analysis
* Full calendar of operations plan completed by TWS
* Detailed grazing and supplemental feed plan
* Completed fencing and working facilities layout/plan
* Marketing and Sales plan
* Animal procurement plan
* Full P&L statement, cost analysis and financial projections
* Quarterly phone follow-up and updates to plan



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