Maplehurst Deer Cradles

Maplehurst deer cradles have been in use in the deer industry since 1982. They were first introduced into the USA in 1989 and have evolved into several slightly different models to improve specific animal handling capabilities as well as user safety.

All of the Maplehurst deer cradles are designed with efficiency and safety in mind and are constructed with the highest quality materials. The cradles are made of 1 ½" square box steel tubing for the frames of all structural pieces and have installed a 4 gauge expanded metal mesh over the doors for user safety. High quality welding and tough, rust resistant paint ensure that the cradle will endure the test of time.


MK IVCall (210) 415-4167 for current retail price
Drop floor deer crush.
Dimensions: 53" X 72" X 75"
Designed to accommodate bigger racks. Larger animals enter more smoothly. Works well on Elk. Please specify the elongated version for customers with Elk or Red/Elk Hybrids. Additional charge dependent on total specification change (door on working area, etc.)


Mk V

MKVCall (210) 415-4167 for current retail price
Optional Rear Sliding Door $950 Extra
Drop floor deer crush.
Dimensions: 54" X 60" X 84"
Developed especially for Whitetail Deer. Features ample number of access panels. Adjustable.




Mark IV, and V Deer Crushes:

* Made to order in about 4 to 6 weeks. Front door hinge and operator side is customer's choice. Right side is the side on right as it is viewed from the front.
* Advise customer not to line with padding.
* Must be shipped in one piece. The IV is approximately 675 lbs. And the V is approximately 775 lbs (with rear door).
* Crush is designed for indoor use. Outdoor plywood at additional cost.

Unit is not designed to accept platform scale system. Weighing system should be independently installed at some other location due to frequency of weighing versus complete constraint.

OPERATION OF MARK IV and V Deer Crushes:

* Deer enters open end. One lever manually releases floor when deer is fully entered.
* Deer gently falls to "squeeze" fit and can be constrained further with top line, fast-action clearing.
* Tag, exam, medicate deer.
* Release of deer is accomplished with an easy-open second lever allowing weight of deer to move entire operator side panel. Deer is gently lowered to the ground without trauma. Exit door should be opened simultaneously with second lever action.

Return operator side panel and restore connection. Return drop floor with drop floor rope and restore connection. Crush is ready for next deer. Front door is a Dutch-type door, which allows greater access to front of the deer if necessary.

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